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How To Use VIJUVE Face Massager

Hello There!

You have purchased your Brand New VIJUVE Face Massager. So let's get you prepared to use it like a PRO!

As VIJUVE is known for, we have compiled below mentioned recommendations from beauticians and spas using VIJUVE Face Massager.

We encourage you to use your brand new VIJUVE Face Massaging device as per directions given below, and you will be amazed with the results in short time. 

Note: You should also refer to the quick start manual packed with device. We are attaching same manual here with this email.   


Here's the correct routine for how to use the VIJUVE Face Massager: 


Before using the Vijuve Face Massager, you need to apply your preferred cream/serum/lotion on your face and neck by spreading with fingers all over the area you like to treat.


We recommend using your personal preferred creams. However, if you're looking for recommendations from us, we suggest using creams/serums/lotions with Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C and moisturizing essence in high content.


Make sure the essence is not too viscous.


Grip the Vijuve Facial Massager from the middle-located sensor ring and touch massager head to your face where cream/serum/lotion is already applied.


Once you apply your preferred essence on your face and neck area, then glide Vijuve Face Massager upwards, back and forth and in upward motion for 10 mins so that the applied essence will not be felt on top of your skin anymore. You will be getting a nice feeling of relaxation too on your facial muscles.


Gently move the Facial Massager back and forth and in upward direction to normalize the oily sebum in your skin and absorb the serum/cream to the utmost depth in your skin to enjoy quick results and without wasting your expensive essence. :)


There is no need to wash your face after using the Vijuve Face Massager (unless you used with facial cleanser). However please clean the massager head with dry cloth/towel after use.


You should use it 10 mins each time. And yes, you can use it 2 times daily.


The Vijuve Face Massager users who are more focused on reducing wrinkles, we recommend that they use it at night time after applying your preferred serum or cream on your face and neck area.


The skin reproduction and rejuvenation cycle take up to 28-40 days to get noticeable results.


Please be regular in using the Massager with your skin care products to get quick results.   


We at VIJUVE look forward to hear from you regarding the VIJUVE Face Massager and we are positive that it will bring results to you in terms of face skin tightening, wrinkles reduction and effective application and absorption of Skin Care products.  


Hope this helps!  


Best Regards,
VIJUVE - Announce Your Uniqueness!