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Why Should You Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed

Why Should You Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed

Ever gotten those painful breakouts and thinking where exactly are they coming from? You won’t believe this, but honestly, the makeup you sleep on with is the main culprit! While you must have heard a lot about “well what can sleeping with makeup on for a couple of hours possibly do”? You have no idea how disastrous it the long and short term consequences can actually be!  

Yes, we all know how difficult it is to pull yourself through the day and when you reach home all you want to do is just hit the bed. But no! Wait! Stop! This is going to result in very bad skin days. You want to know why and how? Well, read ahead to curb all your curiosities!

Why Makeup Is Toxic For The Skin?

Before we talk about the after-effects of makeup, you should know what ingredients of the makeup actually make it toxic for the skin. Parabens are often used in moisturizing makeup products like foundations, concealers, and lotions which act as anti-microbial agents in order to preserve these cosmetics. However, Parabens are found in cancer patients which means in the long term long exposure of makeup to the skin may cause skin cancers.

Synthetic colors are used in order to give a makeup product like a blush on and lipsticks a certain desired shade. However, for the skin, it is a red flag as they are carcinogenic and can possibly result in anxiety, hyperactivity and show symptoms of ADHD in humans.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is the chemical which is also commonly found in many makeup products that you use as these are found in skin cleansers and facial foams.  Though for the time being it removes the dirt but after that, it damages the hair follicles of the skin. This causes skin irritations and excessive dryness which aggravate skin allergies.

So What Happens When We Sleep With Makeup On?

Your complexion will start appearing dull. You see when you sleep on with makeup; the dead skin layer is unable to shed off so it keeps clustering. With the addition to the usual oil secretions that will be blocked too. As a result, the skin looks dull all day. This is why you need to cleanse and exfoliate before sleeping so that you can wake up with brighter and fresher skin.

The acne-prone skin gets worse because of the layer of makeup you sleep on with. The makeup clogs the pores and the skin can’t literally breathe. This eventually soars up the pimples and might result in cystic or chronic acne in the long term.

It brings aging and wrinkles. Yes!  As the layer of makeup stays on, it leads to oxidation and weakens the skin barriers thus prematurely aging the skin due to various exposures of toxins. Keeping your skin clean really stops down your aging processes.

So What Else Can You Do?

Use serums which are as promising as skin lotions but have better results. While you may have been sleeping on with makeup which has made your skin dry and dull and if you need an effective savior, then try VIJUVE 45% Vitamin C Serum has all the Vitamin C, E and the right hyaluronic acid to keep that skin of yours glowing and radiant.

Massaging Never Fails You

Though we are always short on time and massaging seems a luxury now. You can do this even at home with essential oils with carrier oils which include coconut or almond oils and argon oil. Massaging really helps people with dull, dry and aging skin and even for people with acne as it helps unclog pores and circulate the blood plus it drains the internal toxins in the skin by activating the lymph nodes.

VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager for Wrinkles Appearance Removal and Facial Skin Tightening is the perfect accessory to help good blood circulation on your face and neck. Also, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles to a great extent. Try it to believe it! 


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