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Why Should You Think Of Changing Your Skincare Routine?

Your skin might needs evolve over time according to the weather conditions, your aging process and the type of pollution you face every day. If you have been using expensive beauty products in your skincare routine and yet your skin is giving its A-game; feels rough, doesn’t look even-toned and isn’t improving the skin’s texture then the products you are using are simply not working. So, how will you know your skin isn’t improving?

Your Skin Doesn’t Look Even

Uneven texture and uneven skin tone after a constant skincare routine is certainly a red flag! Occasional popping up of pimple onto the skin is okay. But if you are getting frequent pimples which leave blemishes and cars despite a skincare routine, this means its time to change some products you are using.

Increased Sensitivity And Redness

Sometimes you are over-exfoliating your skin. This also means your skincare products contain a potent ingredient which is triggering the sensitivity and redness. As the sensitivity increases, the skin becomes more prone to breakouts and redness. You will know you are over-exfoliating if you apply another moisturizer after exfoliating and it stings. It is time to change the routine. When exfoliating don’t overly use (AHAs AND BHAs) in your scrub or toner, this can be done by using these products only twice a week.

Excessively Oily Skin

Oily skin may be caused due to a weather change or hormonal imbalances. However, skin regimes can also play a vital role in producing excessively oily skin. If you have an incorrect or aggressive skin regime, your skin might become really oily. Oily skin also needs hydration,  some products are really drying out your skin and as compensation, your skin starts producing extra oil to eliminate the dryness.  For all those who have very oily skin and yet use an oil-based moisturizer, this is what's going wrong. You need to start using a water-based moisturizer.

Your Skin Feels Really Tight

If you have been using products which contain excessive amounts of retinol and AHA, they are tripping out the moisture from your skin. Many soaps and moisturizers do have these potent ingredients in excessive amounts and tats why we always wonder that despite using them every day, our skin feels the same or worse. If your skin starts tightening up to an extent that you feel its stretching, it means your skin’s dermis, the first layer is getting affected which in turn will break your skin’s first barrier against pollutants and other hazards. If you over wash your skin you need to stop! Change your skin routine right away!

What Are Your Best Options?

VIJUVE  Skin Serums, The Magic Potion In A Bottle

VIJUVE 45% Vitamin C and E enriched serum which is proven to prevent your skin from losing its radiance or glow due to external factors and brightens the skin.  VIJUVE serums enhance your natural complexion and help your skin aging process slow down. The right amounts of Double Hyaluronic acid help in keeping dryness away all through the day without making your skin feel oily.

VIJUVE skin massager is a must-have in your skin regime!

 VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager for Wrinkles Appearance Removal and Facial Skin Tightening is another tool which will keep your skin radiant uplifted and glowing and won’t artificially tighten your skin. Massaging is an essential part of a skin regime. Might as well try it!


Skin routines are very healthy for your skin and a good one will last you a lifetime of flawless looking skin! If you experience any of the above-mentioned signs, your skin routine needs a change! Try these VIJUVE products and see the difference yourself! 

VIJUVE Massager and Serum

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