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Why Should I Stop Kybella Treatment?

Why Should I Stop Kybella Treatment?

Multiple injections over a period of 6-8 months, bleeding, soaring and numbness after each session, would you take that? Kybella is a chin slimming treatment with an average cost of $5000; it is non-invasive injections with several sittings at a clinic which is the treatment plan. Doctors practicing this treatment say it literally melts the fat on your chin, face, and neck as to where ever your fat reduction target site is. However, the FDA approved area till date is only the sub-mental area i.e. where the chin fats are.

How Kybella Treatment Works

When Kybella was introduced, a lot of people were ecstatic to try it out. However, recently the treatment has been facing a backlash. You see how this treatment works is with a synthetic acid called the Deoxycholic acid which is naturally produced by the bile duct in the body to eliminate fat. A synthetic form of Deoxycholic acid is put into injections and these are injected into the chin area to melt(dissolve)  the fat. But this treatment needs highly to be performed by professionals as a wrong injection site can kill healthy skin cells as well.

Some Side Effects You Must Know About The Treatment! 

The treatment does have side effects such as bruising, swelling and pain at the site of treatment. Moreover, there are many contraindications to this treatment such as nursing mothers, pregnant, medical conditions as well as pre and post-surgery individuals can’t take this treatment.

People started to step back when Kybella treatment went horribly wrong for some individuals, for example, many times the complaint of tenderness, difficulty in swallowing, an uneven smile, still jaw and even nerve injury at neck levels came up. Not only this but some patients also had severe facial muscle weakness which made them unable to talk or smile. So if you are about to take a Kybella treatment, stop due to its   side effects which may cause a long term damage to your skin!

What Alternatives Do I Have For Kybella Treatment?

If  you are looking for some good alternates which will actually benefit your skin, help you lose that double skin  at your chin and also help reduce face fat naturally with zero side effects then you must give a try to these suggestions. Not only are these tips skin-friendly but also they will make your skin healthy from the inside!



Start With Exercises Targeted To Slim Down Chin Fat



Practice some air blowing exercises if you want an edgy look of your face. Stand in an upright posture, till your head back and blow towards the ceiling. Pull your lips and then try blowing air out. This will help to strengthen facial muscles eventually eliminating that double chin.



The easiest tip is to smile not only does smiling beauty your face but also causes a stretch in your facial muscles which further cause the chin to tuck in and pull it up.



Switch To Healthy Eating Habits



Take fruits and vegetables which help build muscle fibers and help tighten your skin. Take fruits enriched with vitamin C which are organic nutrients scientifically proven to tighten and brighten the skin.  Usually, we are consuming diets which are high in cholesterol levels as well as calories and sugars. This is a major cause of fat deposits, weight gain which causes double chins.



 Skin Massagers Have Been Effective



Skin massaging techniques really work to eliminate double skin due to specified stroke positions. VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager for Wrinkles Appearance Removal and Facial Skin Tightening is a tried and tested solution for that double skin of yours. It uplifts the skin, eventually improving the skin’s elasticity so the fat can be utilized and does hang in the form of a double chin. It’s an effective way to lose chin fat!



 Skin Serums Are Taking Over



The skin loses its elasticity as we age, losing its moisture and collagen which keeps the skin taught and firm. VIJUVE 45% Vitamin C Serum has all the Vitamin C, E, and the right Hyaluronic acid to keep that dryness which could loosen the skin. This serum is an excellent alternative to Kybella treatment making the skin look younger and uplifted. In just a couple of weeks skin looks uplifted and firm so the double chin is sure to go away with contact application of this magical serum!






So if you don’t want that pained 6 months injectables and that too at a clinic causing skin damage, switch to organic and safe beauty products sitting at home as we have mentioned for your desired result!  




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