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What Skincare Products Do I Need?

What Skincare Products Do I Need?

Skin is the most important thing that one needs to take care off. Skin is the first thing someone sees and honestly, good skin earns us a lot of attention (it is something we all need). Your skin needs care and nourishment and a skin care routine which would make your skin flawless and give you an amazingly glowing and heart throbbing beautiful skin. Your skin care routine doesn’t have to be very time consuming but as short and easy as possible and for that all you need is a good collection of products that are good for your skin.


Oh yes! This is the very first step. A good cleanser sets the stage for your whole routine so what kind of cleanser should you use? The answer to this is that your cleanser should be gentle, water soluble and able to remove your makeup. So your cleanser shouldn’t be basic because if it is too basic it will dry out your skin. For the cleansing purpose, you would prefer to massage your skin and for that you should rather try VIJUVE SKINCARE MASSAGER it cleanses your pores and also gives you a very soothing effect. 


Toners often get ignored, But is part of a comprehensive skin care regime. Toners are actually a pretty crucial and important step as it helps to remove oil and any makeup residue left on your face, it also keeps your skin cleansed for whatever treatments you get in future. Choose a toner that perfectly matches your skin type, basically, use a gentle non-alcoholic based formula with skin-repairing formulas, as well as calming for your skin.


This is a chemical, but for everyday use. The best way to go about exfoliating your face is to either use a cleanser with chemical exfoliate. Use it twice or even thrice a week. It will not only help to cleanse your skin but will also help in the prevention of dark spots and pimples.


So yes! This is yet another very important step. A serum is packed full of active ingredients. Serums are for brightening, repairing and hydrating your skin. We would suggest you use VIJUVE SKIN SERUM with bio-boosted vitamin C with low and high molecules of hyaluronic acid this is serum is best for all skin types and all skin problems from dryness/dullness to acne scars.


This step in your skin care routine is as important as any other, no matter what skin type you have. All it needs to remain hydrated and moisturized. Luckily all kinds of moisturizers are available in the market, you can also use a facial oil as a moisturizer. All types of moisturizers and facial oils have different benefits so all you need is to do your research and choose the type that your skin really needs. This won’t only help you keep your skin hydrated but will also prevent dryness and breakage of skin.

Hydrating Mask

If your skin is on the dry side and you find moisturizers not enough for your skin then you need to get yourself a hydrating cream mask. They are moist and are generally mild and you can sure them as often as your skin needs it. It will give your skin an extra boost of hydration and a fresher and smoother look.

Eye Cream

It’s vital to apply eye cream at least every night before going to bed. It’s all about maintaining the health and thickness of the eyelid. Improving the skin quality near your eyes and allowing the dark circles to fade away.

Would You Rather Keep Going With All These Things or What if We Pack All These in Two?

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