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What’s Needed to Be Done for Healthier Skin

What’s Needed to Be Done for Healthier Skin

Healthier skin is what everyone strives for. From few bucks to hundred thousand dollars people have been spending pile of money to get back their rejuvenated and glowing skin. Skin they actually owned.

However, we believe, glowing skin isn’t all about spending money to buy products after products. As a matter of fact glowing skin takes much on. And by much on, we never meant money consistent routine and knowing your skin pretty much.

We will cover the lateral part i.e. knowing much in our next step. At this stage we will only focus what we mean by consistent routine.

For a glowing skin consistency is a must-have tool that every beauty zealot should carry. However, laborious job routines and in some instances our carelessness have lead us to many skin issues. Out of many, premature wrinkles, aging signs, under eye bags and sagging skin are common. But we would rather ask you not to worry as changing your routine can get you the most savviest way for regaining all that glow.

Want to know what are these well, let’s tell you!

Stop Watching Late Night TV and Browsing Internet

Getting back from office or workout routine, spending time with family and then watching Netflix till late night has become common. And in case you are not addicted to it, using late night mobile phones is another addiction you may have. But you better stop using it. Studies have shown that being exposed to light given by gadgets at late night prevents our brain from releasing melatonin, a hormone that tells our body if it’s night time.

Moreover, browsing internet over your phone till late night gets you a serious sleep disorders and it takes you longer to fall asleep. These delaying sleeps thus create mess with our internal body clocks.

Always Take Off Makeup before Going to Bed

Like all other parts our skin needs to breathe as well. And when going bed without taking off makeup ensures that you have deliberately closed all the pores of your skin. Now how or how on earth you think these clogged pores will let your skin breathe and feel rejuvenated?

So, before going to bed, taking off your makeup ensures that your skin enjoys leverage against those who don’t.

Pressing Off Mobile Phones Directly Against Skin without Cleansing

What if we tell you, you have been damaging your skin with all your bare hands. Ehhhh! With own hands and damaging skin? Seriously? But how? Well, when pressing your mobile phone without cleaning, you are actually bringing bacteria close to your facial skin thus allowing these to mix and grow within your facial skin. Thus all the big shots of skincare industry suggest to clean your phone before pressing it against your skin.

Want to Know What Else Should Be Done?

Well, there’s lot more that should be kept in mind and practiced in order to have perfect and glowing skin regime. Stay tuned to the VIJUVE’s blog to keep enjoying useful stuff for a healthier skin because VIJUVE is Another Reason to Love Yourself!




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