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Top Anti Ageing Exercises To Do At Home

Top Anti Ageing Exercises To Do At Home

Many anti ageing facial exercises are practised now a days which are major replacement to surgery and many other face problems. The question arises is how these exercises can help in lowering or eliminating the facial issues.

The famous yoga expert Danielle Collins says that these can work in almost all the layers I.e upper layer, middle layer and the inner layer of the skin. By working carefully on all the layers it proves to be helpful for the better circulation of blood that increases the chances of good amount of oxygen and excessive nourishment to the cells of the skin. The ending results you will see there are the charming skin with everlasting glow.

As many facial exercises can be done at home, anti ageing exercises are also developed to bring a smoother touch to the skin and other benefits as an addition. Danielle suggests that you must do these exercises for the duration of twenty minutes and in a week, six days are recommended for it. Many people think of it as long but it’s results can be seen rapidly. As we know that each person varies from other in facial expressions and skin tones, so the results and timings also vary.

After two or three months you will see a drastic change in your face that looks more energetic and stronger than before. Those who have practiced these exercises have reported after 8 months of this exercise they feel more young and more relaxed. Here are some of the anti ageing facial exercises that you must try once.

Anti Ageing Facial Exercises – The V

Anti Ageing Facial Exercises – The V

Helpful for:  Branching wrinkles, mild swelling or puffiness.

Replacement to: Amputation, botox surgery.


Step 1: First of all place both middle fingers tightly on the inside corners of the eyebrows. Then using your index finger put pressure on thw outside of the eyes.

Step 2: Now look towards the roof and make the lower emye lids upward in order to make a sharp blink and then relax.

Step 3: Repeat both steps six times and then shut the eyes for ten seconds in a relaxing position.

Anti Ageing Facial Exercises – The Smoother

Helpful for: Sinking or bulging and cheek lines.

Replacement to: lower face lift.


Step 1: Conceal your teeth under the lips and make the shape of your mouth as O.

Step 2: Now smile horizontally in a wider direction. Make sure that your teeth are hidden. Repeat the step six times.

Step 3: Hold this smile shape and put your index finger on your chin. Now try to move the jaw up and down. Repeat twice and then relax.

Anti ageing facial exercises – Smooth the brow

Helpful for: Lines of forehead.

Replacement to: surgery.


Step 1: Place both hands on the forehead in an inner direction and spread your all fingers between the line of hair and eyebrows.

Step 2: Now move your hands outwards and put a gentle pressure on your forehead to make the skin tight.

Step 3: Repet steps ten times and go to relax position.

Anti Ageing Facial Exercises – The Flirty Eyes

Helpful for: Deep hollows of eye and eye brows.

Replacement to: eysbrow lift.


Step 1: Place your index finger under each eye directing towards nose.

Step 2: Hide your teeth and keep  distance between upper and lower lip.

Anti ageing facial exercises – The giraffe

Helpful for: Neck skin


Step 1: Look straight and put the tips of finger at  bottom of your neck.

Step 2: Change the position of head and relax.

Is There Anything  That Works Even Better and Saves Time?

So you have been doing all these since long and noticing the changing results too. But again, you believe that these methods gonna take a lil longer than your anticipations? 

What's the alternate? Should you wish to go for Kybella? or you would rather opt microneedling? Well, if these aren't the options to consider then try using VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager. First one of it's kind that not only makes skin plumped and rejuvenated but helps you getting the results within no time. 


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