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Top 10 winter skincare tips

Top 10 winter skincare tips

The most beloved season, winter, is on track. Cold winds, snow showers and foggy nights seem heaven to everyone. The winter season has its glamour and attractiveness. But with its beautiful appearance outside, it has a catastrophic effect on the skin. Now, why do we say this? The reason is you must have noticed your skin getting flaky and dry. Eventually, you get a dull complexion. The cold winds dispose of natural skin nourishment ability that leads to itchiness and dry skin.  

We've been assigned to make you review the most beneficial skin care tips to be adapted in winter for perfect skin.

1.Don't skip moisturizer:

Moisturising is one of the crucial steps to get a natural glow in winter. The majority of women forget to moisturize their skin during this season. We do know that you get lazy, but if you love your skin, moisturize it regularly. Skin specialists highly recommend moisturizing your skin daily.

Using moisturizer removes the dead cells from your skin and gives you a hydrated complexion. Apply moisturizer all over your face, neck, hands and feet.

2. Take a Lukewarm shower:

You love to go for hot showers in this dipping temperature, but avoid them if you care for your skin. It is highly suggested to take a lukewarm shower than a hot shower in winter. Taking a hot shower relaxes your muscles shivering process, but it worsens your skin condition. It stripes away the essential oils from your skin and makes it dull, dry and flaky swiftly.

Feel free to take lukewarm water and go for a shower. But remember, once you've taken a shower, moisturize your skin well. In this way, you will prevent your skin from getting winter cracks and dryness.

3.Keep yourself Hydrated:

It is vital to keep yourself hydrated this season. We usually avoid drinking much water, but it leads to a dehydrated body. Dehydration leads to dried skin as water continuously gets dry up from your skin. So try to keep your body hydrated in these cold winds to maintain a natural skin glow.

4.Cleanse your face well:

Your skin gets dried up than usual in winter. Well, your face becomes harsh and badly damaged by the continuous attack of cold winds. You will notice cracks and winter eczema. According to Dr. Michelle, "one should cleanse face well for hydrated and perfect skin." If you want to avoid wrinkles, sagging skin, face lines and freckles, treat your face with a cleanser.

Go for the best cleanser that allows your face maximum hydration procurement.

5.Choose winter Skincare products wisely:

This happens a lot because you forget to buy the products that match your skin type standards in winter. Using the wrong skincare essentials damages your skin badly. A way to get glowing and perfect skin in winter is using average skincare products. You think that using the same summer products for winter will keep your skin from adverse effects.

We recommend using a moisturizer that gives you a hydration effect. If you're dealing with acne or hyperpigmentation, use vitamin c serums, toners that contain hyaluronic properties, makeup essentials especially for winter, and lotions enriched with vitamins. Limit your use of facial masks or anything with alcoholic properties to prevent your skin from getting dried up.

6.Treat your Lips with Petroleum jelly:

Do you notice white peel breakouts on your lips? The cold temperature makes your lips dry and flaky. During summer, your lips remain hydrated due to moist weather. But in winter, just like the face, your lips also deal with dryness.

A better way to keep your lips hydrated is to use petroleum jelly on them. Don't forget to apply petroleum jelly when you're about to sleep.

7.Maintain a Balanced Diet:

Many dermatologists emphasize maintaining a balanced diet in winter. Try to add more seasonal veggies and fruits to your diet. Consume chestnuts as it is a seasonal fruit. It helps to treat skin eczema. Eat more like citrus fruits because they have vitamins in them that give your skin a natural glow and boost elastin and collagen release. Chicken or vegetable soups are the charms of the winter season. Warm yourself up with soups and hot coffees. In this way, your body will cover up its nutrients and water deficiency.

8.Wear Sunscreen:

The idea that sunscreen is only for summer is really off the way. The harmful UV rays also affect your skin in winter. We've been in contact with dermatologists, and they told us that many people reported sunburns as they went on hiking in the upper northern areas. Apply sunblock when you're about to set outside, to prevent sunburns and rashes. If you are going on to the mountainous regions, we recommend using a sunscreen every three hours.

9.Treat your Hands and Feet well:

Do not forget to treat your hands and feet well with moisturizer. Use a hydrating moisturizer on your hands and feet to give them a break from dryness. The cold gray winter winds affect not only your face but also your hands and feet. Use fragrance-free lotions enriched with vitamins, and apply all over the body. You can also use petroleum jelly to exfoliate your skin intermittently to procure maximum moisture.

Use a moisturizer on your hands and feet before you go out.

10.Follow your Skincare routine regularly:

Never skip a day without using the tips we recommended if you wish to have perfect skin in winter. These are the essential tips and the easiest ones to get a natural glow in this season. Here's a summary of the article to follow the sequence correctly:

  • Wear comfy clothes to avoid itchiness.
  • Use a moisturizer before sleeping and after waking up.
  • Treat yourself with a cleanser twice a day.
  • Use petroleum jelly to prevent dryness, especially on lips.
  • Take a lukewarm shower.
  • Drink water.
  • Eat veggies and seasonal fruits.
  • Use sunscreen before you go out.

Final results:

The cold and dry winds of winter make your skin super flaky, dry and give you a pale complexion. It robs the nourishment ability of your skin that ultimately leads to skin cracks and winter eczema. Follow our recommended winter skincare tips to allow your skin to remain hydrated during this season, and procure maximum benefits to heal your skin.

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