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Rubbing Skin With Hands For 3 Minutes - Here Is What It Would Look Like!

Rubbing Skin With Hands For 3 Minutes - Here Is What It Would Look Like!

Facial skin is very sensitive and is prone to damage when we mistreat it. From mistreating I mean rubbing and patting it without thinking about the delicate skin tissues which get harder and are hurt by doing so, or scars start appearing on them.

If you are conscious about your skincare, then you must have a good collection of facial products to be used regularly. But have you ever wondered what effects your skin faces when you rub these products on your face with bare hands?

The bacteria and other germs our hands have (as our hands come in contact with a lot of things) are transferred to our face when we rub anything on our face. Some massage creams and masks ask you to keep putting them on your face for 5-15 minutes which enhances the chances of skin allergies and contaminations.

Here are a few damages your skin can have by your skin care routine, which you possibly have never thought of changing.

Allergic Reactions

As I already said, our hands have germs which can come from anything we touch, and they result in many allergic reactions and skin contaminations. Pimples, scares and spots are caused by bacteria when it starts nurturing on our skin cells and the lubricants excreted from our pours.

Our skin is porous and tends to absorb things applied on it quite speedily. The same thing happens in skin creams’ case when any foreign object is mixed with it, it gets absorbed in our pours and become the root cause of allergies and infections.

Redness And Rashes

One major negative point of rubbing skin are the rashes and burns our skin may face. Especially when we use something for the first time, and start rubbing it endlessly to get faster results, this happens.

Your skin will become red and you will have rashes all over your face. The reason behind this? When something is gently applied, it does not produce heat and effects slowly, but when we rub our hands, the generated heat triggers our facial cells and their chances of getting affected increase immensely.

The heat generated by the movement of our hands can cause rashes when it is combined with some chemicals used in skin products.

Ageing Signs

Many studies have shown that ageing signs i.e. wrinkles, freckles, and acne scars are basically caused when the facial skin is pulled and rubbed hard. And do we rub our skin except when we have to apply anything on it? No, we don’t!

If you want to avoid the under-eye bags and want to have naturally glowing and soft skin then you should stop rubbing anything on it. You should rather find an effective and easier way to complete your skin-care rituals.

And to help you with that Vijuve massager is always there, you can choose any effective product, put it on your skin and start massaging it with Vijuve massager. It will make sure that 100% product is absorbed into your skin without any contamination or impurity.

Additionally, this massager will help you in keeping your skin firm and avoiding any lines under-eyes or on the jawline. Having this massager means, you have completely overcome the aging signs and will always have a pact and firm skin and that too with clean pours.

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The cordless and portable VIJUVE Anti Aging Device is for maintaining youthful look and have that natural glow. Without losing your precious time and getting it right the very first time.

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