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Rollback your clock: what the face rollers do to your skin

Rollback your clock: what the face rollers do to your skin

The world has been pouring with countless skincare products— not just a few ones— but countless. Starting with inexpensive to expensive skincare essentials, we’ll add one more product to your world of beauty. Don’t be so intriguing about how this product will work. Yes, “a face roller or a massager” is here to leave your skin thoroughly nourished and smooth— and, of course, an affordable one.

Many of you must be wondering what really is a face roller and how does it work? A face rolling tool is made usually from rose quartz, jade or some other crystal and is designated to massage the face practically. These face rollers have been in use since the 17th century in China, or you can say they are in the daily habits of famous media personalities.

If you think that you can’t roll back the clock and come into your days of youthfulness, a face roller will prove you wrong. Face rollers relax facial muscles, remove toxins from your skin, smooth facial lines and wrinkles, ease muscle tension and headaches, brighten and revitalize the skin. In short, these are the real charms of the skincare regime.

What good can a face roller do?

 As they say, age is an unavoidable process, but it can be delayed. If you're in your 30s or 40s, it's your time to grab a face roller. You may begin to notice dry skin, wrinkles, lines, excess pores and primarily, the signs of aging. And then, one day, you wake up in the morning and notice your face has begun to lose its youthful effect. It may even hurt your self-esteem and lower your confidence.

 A face roller with its gentle press will re-energize the dead skin instantly. So, always remind yourself to get in touch with a small massage every day. Let’s see some of the benefits of face rollers:

Lymphatic drainage massage

Sometimes, when you wake up, and you notice that your face appears more swollen and puffy. According to Dr. Marie Jinn, “the prime benefit of a facial roller is Lymphatic drainage.” These face rollers help to remove swelling and inflammation from your face.

Lymphatic drainage is naturally performed by our body to reduce excess swollen mass. Facial rollers only assist in reducing swelling over a particular area on the face. A massage or a movement also reduces the serum enzymes in our body that are associated with damage.

Anti-aging properties

Already in your 25s or 30s and begin noticing wrinkles, facial lines, etc. No need to worry now; a face roller is going to reverse all these aging signs. That's one of the best quality of facial rollers are; they tend to smoothen wrinkles and facial lines, which make your face older. Not only this, but they also lift your cheeks and tighten your muscles.

According to This 2017 study, “it was found that the anti-aging skincare products worked at their best in diminishing facial lines and wrinkles on women who treated their face with vibrating face massagers afterward." It's clinically proven that face rollers increase blood circulation and tone your skin's muscles, which contribute to a more youthful and supple look. If dealing with wrinkles or excessive facial lines, first apply vitamin C serum and then use a face roller to allow the serum to absorb more deeply.

Its benefits with skincare products

You must have watched many beauty influencers using a face roller over a mask to make the ingredients absorb more deeply. So what are you waiting for? Add now a face roller as the final step in your skincare schedule to boost the penetration of products deep into the skin— then wait for extra effective results.

Not only this but also a face roller play its efficient role in making makeup glowier and more natural than cakey look. You need to grab a face roller and move it over your makeup.

But remember, never compare a face roller with a derma roller, a device containing tiny needles to penetrate your skin and remove wrinkles and face lines. As it has needles that go into your skin, your dermatologist must perform this procedure in hygienic conditions.

How to use a face roller

This is the important step. As many of you mightn't aware of how to use a facial roller. Using it in the wrong way might make your skin's muscles worse than good. So let's see:

  • Always remember to use a face roller upwards and only in one direction.
  • Never consistently roll up and down.
  • Do five upwards rolls towards each area.
  • First, move the roller outwards under the jawline.
  • Next, allow it to roll out under the cheekbones, continue along with them and towards your hairline.
  • Then, roll upwards on the forehead.
  • Lastly, roll flatly along the brows.
  • Be a little slower when you move a facial roller over the jawline and neck. But be quick to firm over and under the cheeks.

The pro tip for face rolling

Cooldown your facial roller in a fridge for it to work effectively. Some of the crystal facial rollers remain cold naturally. Using some extra-chilled facial rollers will tighten your skin's pores and wake up a drained face after the end of a long day or in the morning. It also eases severe headaches and relaxes muscle tension.

Using it minimally two or three times a week and for five minutes, and you’ll observe great results in a matter of few weeks.


Now, there is no need to search for effective products that really do well for your skin. Of course, facial rollers have been in stock to leave your skin in wonder. Also, we can say you don't need to worry that your skin is getting older. Just a boost of massages over your face with a facial roller and you'll see wrinkles and facial lines diminishing nicely.

No need to go for derma rolling or botox to treat facial lines; look for a jade facial roller or a face massager, which is highly inexpensive. Sometimes it’s not the product but the technique to do it and how properly you’re doing it. Besides facial rolling, you must take care of your skin by considering particular useful skincare tips like avoiding sun exposure, reducing dietary supplements, having sufficient sleep, and maintaining a healthy diet.

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