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Pluming Unwanted Smile Lines

Pluming Unwanted Smile Lines

Laughing or smiling is a common way to express the feeling of happiness, cheerfulness or gratitude. But do you know smiling way too much can cause wrinkles that appear like facial lines around the mouth or under the nose? These smile lines begin to take their specific place and get permanent as you age.

What are these lines? What causes them?

Smile lines are the vertical lines that appear around the sides of the nose and, in some cases, extend to the chin. According to Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon, these laugh lines are either nasolabial crease or nasolabial fold. Nasolabial crease doesn't come from aging and not primarily a sign of aging. This crease becomes more profound as you get older and might be due to weight gain or dental problems, making this crease appear nasolabial fold. Specific treatments are entitled to reduce their appearance and some skin products that can help diminish them.

Which treatments would be helpful?

According to skin specialists, if these smile lines appear as dynamic wrinkles (the one that appears when you smile only), these are easier to treat. “But the static wrinkles (that appears even when you’re not smiling) becomes difficult to treat with time,” says Cindy Yoon-Soon Bae. Some useful treatments are:

1.    Fillers:

The most common treatment to reduce smile lines is fillers. Fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is an essential nutrient of the skin. These fillers containing hyaluronic acid are injected into the folds, creases, and underlying tissues to reduce the wrinkles' appearance and restore the facial suppleness and fullness that disappear with age. The patient's response is evaluated after treatment with one injection and it is decided whether it is better to do further treatment with fillers.

2.    Botox:

The nasolabial folds that appear from aging laughing or other factors are often treated with botox treatment. The muscles take the form of wrinkles/lines when we smile or laugh, which gets difficult to treat. Botox or Dysport works by injecting in minimal amounts into the face’s muscles and tissues. Botox treatment smoothes the muscles that cause dynamic or static wrinkles. This treatment usually lasts around three to four months.

Remember, these treatments only reduce the appearance of smile lines and do not entirely diminish them.

Skincare products to opt for:

Besides going under needles treatments, some skin products also do the charms of reducing smile lines by relaxing the muscles or tissues that cause them.

1.    Vitamin C serum:

Vitamin c serum is the right product to go for if you want to diminish wrinkles. This serum has hyaluronic acid that works by giving the skin its essential nutrient requirement. After the skin gets its nutrients, it relaxes the muscles and diminishes wrinkles, facial lines, etc. Applying vitamin C serum two times a day is effective in reducing wrinkles or nasolabial crease.

2.    Face massager:

If you want some electronic appliance to diminish these smile lines automatically, then the face massager is the best to seek for. Face massager works by rolling into circular motion by relaxing the skin's tissues and muscles to reduce these lines' appearance. It stimulates increased blood flow, collagen production and skin's active factors, contributing to supple and youthful skin.

Smile lines or wrinkles tend to happen with age. There is no lasting solution to treat them. But you can control these facial lines by making changes in your daily life routine like taking healthy sleep at night, staying hydrated, avoiding repetitive sun exposures and maintaining a well-balanced diet.

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