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Is It Real Hard To Maintain Glowing Skin Without Creams And Moisturizers?

Many people have excessively oily skin or dry skin. However, applying creams for people with oily skin makes the situation worse. Even for those people who have a dry skin type, creams might be very helpful because a dry skin type is also sensitive. Glowing skin is an add on to your beauty. However, if you don’t like using creams and moisturizers read ahead what you can do to keep your skin looking clear and glowing.



What Else Can You Do To Make Your Skin Glow

DIY Masks For Skin

Not only are skin masks easy to make at home but also these masks are packed with essentials your skin needs to rejuvenate. Try this mask at home for some amazing results. In a mixing bowl, mash a banana with a fork next Add 2 tablespoons aloe Vera gel. Keep stirring until ingredients are well combined. Mix three teaspoons of almond oil in it and apply on clean skin. Let it stay for fifteen minutes then rinse. This mask is bound to instantly make your skin glow.



Start A Good Diet Plan

Incorporate good foods in your diet. Intake of ample amount of water, vegetables, and fruits will definitely make your skin looking better. Moreover, stay away from junk food, cut down on carbonated drinks and sugary foods. According to research not only are they fattening but also one cause of dull skin.

Try a Face Serum

If you have dry skin, don’t want to use those moisturizers because they make your skin feel like it is not breathing then switch to skin serums. Skin serums are good for your skin. Specifically, those enriched with Vitamin C, which is an anti-oxidant and hyaluronic acid. These help the skin to maintain brightness, adds a glow to the skin as the antioxidants help to purify it. Moreover, the best serums prevent moisture from being lost from your skin. This is essential for healthy glowing skin. This serum should also not irritate your skin and must contain a mild quantity of ingredients so your sin doesn’t get damaged. So now the question is, what serum has all these essential ingredients?  VIJUVE 45% Vitamin C serum has all the Vitamin C, E and the right hyaluronic acid to keep that skin of yours glowing and radiant. Plus it is suitable for all skin types as neither will it make your skin itch or cause redness on the skin or eyes. This is due to its mild but effective formula meant to work gently on the skin without damaging it.

Massage Your Skin Every Day

Skin massaging is an essential factor responsible for making the skin glow. As you massage your skin, not only does it promote the generation of new skin cells but also the impurities get drained. Moreover, the blood circulation also increases on a whole so your skin looks more radiant. This is a great alternative to creams; you can use some essential oils to massage your skin with. VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager for Wrinkles Appearance Removal and Facial Skin Tightening is the perfect accessory to help good blood circulation on your face and neck. Plus it helps skin looking fresh and brighter with every use.


So you don’t need to use moisturizes if you want glowing skin, all it takes it some good diet, a great serum which we have already recommended you and yes the massager which is bound to make you glow all day. The happier you are the brighter and better your skin will always look. Try these products and watch them work like magic.

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