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How to lose skin fat under the chin

How to lose skin fat under the chin

No wonder to say that fat under the chin makes your whole face look bloating. It’s not only a common problem associated with advancing age but even in the youthful days, your upper neck area begins to draw some fat towards it. Having chin fat is imaginably considered as a part of obesity or gaining weight. but, the hormonal changes, pregnancy, age factor and genetics also play their roles to gather fat around the chin.

According to Dr. Ross Perry from Cosmedics, “other factors that might contribute to a double chin are fat accumulation and loose skin – or combination of these two.” Either you go for some under-injection procedures or make some possible changes in your lifestyle to lose skin fat under the chin.

Consider doing exercises

While there is no clinical evidence that doing exercises helps you getting rid of chin fat, but there’s some anecdotal evidence. Here are some particular exercises that you can efficiently perform to tone the muscles and reduce the chin fat.

  1. Neck stretch
  • Lower your head backward and look up at the ceiling.
  • Touch the roof of the mouth with your tongue.
  • Do it for 5 to 10 seconds and then release.
  1. Pucker up
  • Tilt your head back, and look at the roof.
  • Pucker your lips to stretch your chin area.
  • Then bring your head again to its normal position.
  1. Tongue stretch
  • While you’re looking straight ahead, take out your tongue.
  • Try to touch the nose as far as you can.
  • Do it for 10 seconds.

Use a face massager

A face massager is primarily designated to reduce facial, neck and chin fat (also called submental fat). It is an automatic electronic skin care appliance that helps to strengthen muscles and diminishes their sagging effect. The face massager also stimulates blood under your skin to run more smoothly, maintaining skin elasticity by increasing collagen production.

It moves in a circular motion to do the wonders of tightening the chin muscles, making it look super sharp and fat-free. Using a face massager daily can help you lessen skin fat around the chin and neck.

Other treatments

To fix a double chin quickly, some people undergo specific invasive procedures. These treatments use laser, injections and suction pumps to remove excess fat under the chin.

  1. Mesotherapy: It includes injecting particular compounds into your chin area that helps to dissolve fat. Mesotherapy can take up to 6 months and if done wrongly, it may cause damage the nerve.
  2. Liposculpting: This procedure helps to remove excess fat by using a suction pump or a laser. It gives shapeliness and tones facial muscles, along with reducing fat.
  3. Kybella: Kybella is an injectable procedure containing deoxycholic acid injection to target the chin’s fat cells. This procedure is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It includes at least 50 injections of the drug into the chin's fat tissue.

The bottom line

You must be patient enough to see the results of our article approval tips and treatments. Staying on a healthy weight diet also helps you to keep your chin in shape. It can take some days, months or even years for some persons to notice a difference. Exercise regularly to help to tone and strengthen your chin muscles and reduce chin fat to some extent.

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