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How to get rid of facial fat

How to get rid of facial fat

Having a slimmer and rounder face is a big challenge nowadays. Besides sticking to the diet, your face gets a little bit chubby that, in most cases, seems annoying. As you know, the impression you get starts with your face—many women desire to have a slimmer face—but certain factors contribute to making a face bloated and puffy. Losing weight can be very tough, but losing facial fat is real trouble. 

Women are more likely to get face fat because of several changes their bodies undergo after entering into puberty—pregnancy and hormonal changes. These changes do have a particular effect on your face making it chubbier and bulbous. There are several tips that you can consider to get rid of facial fat.

Do regular facial exercises:

Facial exercises help to restore the face's appearance, reduce aging effects and increase muscle strength. You can also perform face yoga to slim and tone the face. This was suggested in a 2014 article published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research to perform certain facial exercises to reduce fat. Some exercises that you can perform are:

  • Puff out the cheeks area.
  • Suck in the cheeks tightly and then pucker the lips just like a fish.
  • Let your head rest backward and stretch the neck as much as possible.

       Reduce intake of salt:

Water retention causes bloating and swelling in certain parts of the body, including your face. This is mostly due to an intake of a diet high in sodium/salt. Some studies showed that a high salt diet might result in increasing fat around the face.

People who think they are susceptible to water retention should avoid meals high in sodium content. The foods that you cook at home have great control over sodium intake.

       Get yourself de-puffing tool:

There are some tools that the markets came up with. The most effective de-puffing tool is the “Vijuve face massager.” This face massager helps to boost lymphatic drainage and de-puff facial fat. You do know that blood circulation is the main factor controlling all our facial functions. Face massager increases blood circulation under the dermis to help relax your muscles and stimulate collagen release.

The correct amount of collagen release reduces the facial fat and tightens the skin. You can either say that using a face massager is the quickest way to make your face slim and thin.

      Drink more water:

You already know that drinking an adequate amount of water is essential for the body to perform its functions. But drinking water before consuming a meal is a key to lose excess weight. Less water intake may stimulate the body to store water in the cheeks contributing to facial fat. So start to drink plenty of water to reduce puffiness and bloat.

       Stay on a healthy sleep:

Sleep deprivation increases the cortisol count, i.e., a stress hormone in the body that can provoke irregular eating habits and trigger excess facial and body fat. A healthy sleep of about eight to nine hours reduces water retention and helps your body burn up fat quickly, giving a slimmer appearance.

These are some effective tips that will help you to shed excess facial fat. You can maintain your face fat by staying on a healthy exercise routine, sticking to the diet, using a face massager and getting a significant amount o sleep. If you are willing to lose some bodyweight, then consult a dietitian, doctor or trainer before making extreme changes to your diet.


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