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How to attain a younger-looking neck

How to attain a younger-looking neck

Having a younger-looking neck along with your face is quite challenging, but not impossible. If you think that age affects only your face and forgets the neck area, then you're wrong. Frankly saying, your neck might be the first spot of sagging signs, with age or other factors. People always focus on making skincare routine for their faces and neglect their necks. Do you know that the skin on our neck is thinner than our face? Yes, because the neck has fewer oil glands that make it more susceptible to lose elasticity.

According to Benjamin Paul, MD, a plastic surgeon, “the skin on the neck begins to lose elastin and collagen over time.” You might have noticed lines appearing on the neck, double chin, wrinkles, blackness, etc. These all neck conditions are common to occur, taking away from your neck its youthful look. But there are thousands of possible and effective ways to attain a younger-looking neck.

1.  Sun protection

Considering sunscreen your first line of defense, skipping this step is a warning of certain skin-damaging conditions. You need to be assured enough that you always apply sunblock on your neck too before heading outside.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) approves using an SPF of 30 because it blocks 97 percent of the sun's harmful rays. Plus, wearing sunblock on the neck also helps avoid wrinkles formation and sagging skin on the neck, says Dr. Paul.

2.   Apply serum on the neck

While using vitamin C serum on your face, don't forget to apply it on your neck, especially if you're dealing with necklines and wrinkling. Vitamin C serum helps to smooth wrinkles, reduces dark spots, and diminishes necklines. Additionally, this step is crucial to mitigate early aging signs of the face and neck.

Always remember to use a vitamin C serum on the neck before you're about to sleep to smoothen lines and attain a youthful-looking neck. Use it after you've applied sunscreen in the daylight.

3.  Do neck exercises

Well, with age or obesity, your neck loses elasticity or becomes filled with fat that makes a double chin. This is Because your neck muscles do not remain as strong as they were in your youthful days. Doing neck exercises helps to strengthen your muscles and tones them. These exercises also allow your double chin to disappear gradually.

Some of the common exercises include puffing out the cheeks, moving your lower jaw back and forth and protruding your lips (saying the letter "O"). Repeat these exercises regularly to see the desired results.

4.   Use a face and Neck massager

Consider using a face massager to eliminate necklines and double chin. Face massagers function as circular streamers to massage the neck, moving it and pressing to the jawline. This helps to push the neck fat inside, giving it a slimmer and more youthful look.

As Dr. Paul already describes, with age, our skin loses its elasticity. So, face massager is especially concerned to tone, strengthen neck muscles and give defined angles to the neck.

Wrapping up

These are effective ways to attain a youthful-looking neck. Besides this,  there is one important thing you need to consider to maintain youthfulness and suppleness; you need to make particular healthy lifestyle changes like staying on a more nutritious diet, getting enough sleep, avoiding repeated exposures to the sun and moisturizing regularly.

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