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How Choosing Wrong Skin Care Product Can Be A Wrath?

How Choosing Wrong Skin Care Product Can Be A Wrath?

It is always okay to mix and match various products when assembling your skincare routine but if you choose the wrong products, this could cause you a wrath that will not be easy to overcome.

Your skin is always showing you signs when and why you should stop or switch using the skin care products you have opted for. There are numerous serums, face washes, massagers, masks, and toners available in the market that are being opted by many of us to have that rejuvenated and plumped skin.

Every product comes with its own long line of ingredients. And every ingredient comes with a benefitting and an adverse effect. You always need to be aware of the adverse effects, so you can change your regimen at once.

We have compiled a list of reasons that could cause your skin numerous problems and why you should always go for the products according to your own skin type.

Intense Burning

A wrong skin product can cause an intense stinging sensation on your skin. Doesn’t matter whether it is a serum, a lotion or a face wash. A wrong product with a wrong set of ingredients can cause your skin to burn or itch. If the problem persists, it could even leave red marks on your skin.

“This is often a sign that you’re allergic to it,” explains S. Manjula Jegasothy, MD, dermatologist, and founder of Miami Skin Institute. So, if you go through a sensation like that, you need to opt for a new and the right product.

Excessive Dryness, Peeling And Flaking

Do you ever feel a stinging dryness and itching sensation around your nose or in the corners of your lips? This could mean that you might have been just overusing your acne products. This is also known as inflammation.

Several people adopt anti-aging treatments in which they opt for product that produced collagen massively. If it crosses the limit line, your skin will start to peel off and you will develop flakes on your skin. So, always go for something mild, a product that is neither to slow nor too harsh for your skin

Rash And Blisters

A wrong product can cause you to have severe rashes and blisters on your skin. “In addition to the magic active ingredient that a product is touting, it can contain many potentially irritating or allergenic inactive ingredients that contribute to its silky feel, fancy fragrance, or prolonged shelf-life,” warns Dr. Shainhouse.

If you ever developed a rash on your skin, it is mostly due to the preservatives, chemical, and fragrance of ingredients that particular product has, or it could even be expired.

Your Skin Turns Red

If a product turns your skin red that too after this first application, there is a great chance that your skin is too sensitive to handle the ingredients of that product. It could cause your skin to turn red or leave patches of redness throughout the surface

Wrong skin products can also cause fungal infection. These are white marks and patches that may turn up on your skin and it could really bad at times.

These are a few reasons why you always need to reconsider the skin regimen you are opting for. Do not buy a product just because a beauty blogger recommended it. Always search thoroughly and look for numerous feedbacks. It will tell you exactly what to do. 


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