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How Am I Getting Sagging Skin Under Jowl?

How Am I Getting Sagging Skin Under Jowl?

We face a lot of aging problems as we get older day by day. These signs can also cause sagging skin on the face and especially can cause sagging jaw or double chin. This double chin and sagging jowl can make you look healthy fat. Therefore, one must take precautionary measures to control and cure these severe after-effects of old age.

Apart from the old age, several other reasons also add up to your skin sagging process. Let's discuss each one of them;

#1. Loss of skin elasticity and collagen peptide

After some time, the skin in your cheeks and beneath your facial structure loses quite a bit of its collagen and elastin.

As these proteins are lost, the cheek skin and other around your mouth lose its tightness and firmness. When this occurs, gravity makes it sag and drop to the zone on either side of your mouth and jaw.

#2. Maybe you have genetically sagging jowl

Your hereditary qualities can likewise decide if you get sagging jaw and chin and how recognizable they become after some time. If any of your parents have sagging skin, you're bound to have them too. 

On the off chance that you normally have slender skin or constrained number of collagen and elastin in your skin, you may begin to see visible sagging skin under your chin and jawline in everyday life. 

It's conceivable to have sagging skin as ahead of schedule as your adolescents or twenties.

#3. Sagging jowl is a common result of weight loss

When you put on weight, your skin stretches to cover expanded weight. If you lose weight, the extended skin may drop or sag.

#4. Too much sun exposure is also harmful

Overexposure to bright (UV) beams in daylight can harm the collagen in your skin. This can make your skin sag with time along with creating other skin issues related to it.

#5. Smoking and drinking can also have a bad effect on your skin

Nicotine and different synthetics in cigarettes can harm collagen and elastin present in your skin. Smoking can likewise make your veins restricted. 

This confines your blood's course and keeps your skin from getting enough supplements like nutrient A to keep it solid. Thus, as a result, you have sagging skin, jowl, and deep wrinkles.

How to reduce the risk of sagging jowls

All the problems related to sagging skin have discussed above, but the problem is not solved here. The question is how to solve all these problems.

  • There are two main methods to control sagging skin and wrinkles. First is to undergo several invasive and painful surgical methods and the other one (which is highly recommended than the first one) is the non-surgical methods.
  • There are facial exercises to control and prevent sagging jowls. This is the best tip for people who have genetically sagging skin.
  • Try to avoid going out too much in the sun and if you must go out due to some reason try to apply sunscreen even if there is no sun outside. Also avoid alcohol and smoking, as it is not only injurious to your health but can harm your skin as well.
  • Last but not least, maintain a good skincare regime. Try to invest in skin products that contain a high amount of antioxidants, collagen peptide, Vitamin C and other important ingredients. As well as the massaging techniques are equally if not more important.
  • Vijuve Facial Massager and Vijuve Facial Serum are one of those products that boost up your process of controlling and curing sagging skin. The massager helps penetrate all your skincare products deep into the skin. And with powerful vibrations of 9,000 vibrations per minute, it lifts the sagging skin - naturally without any need for invasive procedures.

So, it is very rightly said that prevention is better than cure. So you must follow the important tips to have a healthy and shiny skin.


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