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Here’s Why Kylie Face Scrubs Got Backlash From The Beauty Enthusiasts And What’s The Alternate

A moment of pride for one could be gloomy to another. And that’s how the flipped coins of glam world goes on. Looking at the feeds of the celebrities,  one would always consider them a luck charm, considering the fact that whatever they advocate, followers would surely buy it. And I wish this would have been the case with the Kylie’s Walnut Face Scrub… but that’s not the case.

Without walking much over the crunches of words, let’s make it simple. Like her all time favorite and most adopted product line, the recent launch of Kylie Jenner walnut face scrub didn’t go smooth.

The scrub that was hit to shelves on 22nd of May but right before hitting, it started getting backlash the moment, super star posted a promotional video to let fans know the blessings they can sum up, some of the experts from dermatology started calling it, not up to the mark.

In a promotional video posted to Twitter, Jenner calls the scrub her “secret to a fresh face.”

She also says it’s gentle enough to use every day, which worries experts. However, dermatologists from the industry believe that contrary to Kylie’s claim, less uniform walnut powder can cause micro-tears in the skin which can promote inflammation and leave you vulnerable to infection.

Going further, industry experts believe that using scrubs particularly for acne is more like compounding the problem and to make it worse.

Here’s What Dermatologists Believe About The Use of Scrubs For Acne

People who suffer from chronic acne will often show inclination toward abrasive scrub believing that acne is because of clogged skin pores and scrubbing the particular areas is the only solution to unclogged it.

What’s Better Then? Rubbing Walnut Shells on Face or Light Weight Moisturizer on Skin With the Advanced Anti Aging Face Massager

Not advocating anything here but supporting the things with the logical theory.

Scene A

Assume, you have got acne (We would never wish if you had or have)

Now imagine applying the scrub that has small grains.

You are applying on the plane area that has no acne at all. Things are working fine. Right!

Now all of sudden you are landed on the portion where there’s acne. You see how these small grains are peeling acne for you. Making it even worse! Seems scary? Off course it is

Scene B

Now again, let’s assume, some culprit acne has covered your face

Now instead of applying the grainy scrub, you are applying smooth light weight Face Serum and instead of applying serum with the hands, you are applying it uniformly with the face massager

 Now you are on that acne part again. Do you think, this light weight serum going to cause any issue?

Personally I don’t think so.

So Applying Light Weight Serum With the Massager Seems Ok? And Want to Know How

Seems you are more convinced with the mentioned scene above. Seriously! Is this the case? So let’s keep scrolling and tell you a bit, how, instead of getting involved in the gimmicks of Walnut face scrub, you better choose the VIJUVE(®) beauty kit.

Uh! Did you just read beauty kit? Well, this is the combination of VIJUVE Face Massager and Serum.

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