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Experts Warn Not to Touch Face!

Experts Warn Not to Touch Face!

To help prevent infections, keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. Why? Touching the mucous membranes on your face with your hands allows germs that cause respiratory infections to enter the body.

“Eyes, nose, mouth — all those mucous membranes are the portal into the body for a virus like Covid-19 or SARS,” said Mary-Louise McLaws, professor of epidemiology, health care infection and infectious diseases control at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Why is not touching your face so important?

It is estimated that people touch their faces about 23 times per hour! Respiratory infections can be caused by many different bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing germs. When you touch your face with hands, germs can take up residence in your mucous membranes which can lead to an infection.

The Good News 

...is that frequent hand washing can make a meaningful difference in lowering your risk. During the SARS epidemic, hand-washing reduced the risk of transmission by 30 to 50 percent. But after washing your hands, you must still be mindful about face touching, said Dr. William P. Sawyer, a family physician in Sharonville, Ohio.

Now that touching face isn't an option, How can we maintain skincare?

Moisturizing the skin is vitally important for us to maintain the glow we have and protect our skin from various pollutants we may face throughout the day. 

For this purpose, both day and night creams are introduced by various businesses. The day cream usually protects you from harmful radiations and pollutants present in the air. While the night cream is aimed to nourish your skin cells.

Considering the importance of creams and moisturizers, you must make sure that you pick the right products for your skin.


However, there is something more important than just picking up nice products.

And that is to apply skincare products correctly WITHOUT touching your face!


Even though most people wonder what is wrong with their way of applying the creams, recent data shows that most of the skincare products consumers are not familiar with the harms it can cause. This is because minimal attention is paid to the way of applying. 

Today we aimed to acquaint you with facts, that why you shouldn’t just rub and dab the cream on your face.

Rubbing Cream With Hands Diminishes The Natural Glow!

Our facial skin is very sensitive and prone to damages if it is treated carelessly. When you apply the massage/cream/moisturizer on the face with the hand, a certain amount of pressure is exerted on the skin.

If you continue the ritual of applying skin products with hands, the skin starts losing its natural softness and start becoming harder and drier. Especially if you love to take care of your skin, you must be eager to protect its natural tenderness. And this habit will make it tough for you to manage a baby-like skin (which is a dream of many).

Rubbing Cream With Hands Enhances The Existing Skin Problems!

If your skin has acne pimples or any other blemishes, rubbing or dabbing with hands will make them more visible and the skin problems may increase. Similarly roughly rubbing the skin products under-eyes (which is a sensitive area) is not a wise choice.

Doing so will cause irritation on your skin, and you will end up buying separate products for the newly occurred problem.

Rubbing Cream With Hands Allow Germs To Penetrate!

Our hands touch almost everything, and even if we wash them often there are still possibilities of germs i.e. bacteria and fungi left on our hands. And if we use them to take care of our facial skin, it will be of no use.

Rather we will be putting in more root-causes of newer problems i.e. rashes, spots, blemishes.

Rubbing Cream With Hands Wastes Expensive Products!

Apart from the problems careless rubbing/patting will cause, it isn’t pocket-friendly either. Almost 60% moisturizer will absorb in your hands and your face will receive the remaining amount. What is the use of buying face and hand creams separately if your hands are leeching off the product specified for your face?

Results Will Be Slower Than Expected When Rubbing Cream With Hands

Consider if you have bought a very costly product that assures over-night results. If you put it on your face with bare hands, the results will be slower. 

Because your skin will not receive the amount it needs. Either your hands will put extra pressure damaging your sensitive skin cells, or you will have to keep them too gentle, which will take more time to get the desired results.

The Solution and the Way Forward:

If you want to stop the rough/red skin problems stop rubbing your skin carelessly. And if you want to avoid the loss of your skin products or want to see the quick results, give our special skin massager a try. 

Vijuve® has been informing all skincare enthusiasts to minimize touching the face for the last 3 years.

And because of that, it's only now during these unfortunate times of Coronavirus, we are being lauded by our customers who upgraded their skincare routine already, using Vijuve® Face Massager. This facial device enables you to apply all your skincare products over your skin without the need for hands touching your face.

What You Get From Using Vijuve® Facial Device:
  1. It enables you to apply skincare products without having to touch your face with hands.

  2. Anti-Microbial Massage Head does it all for you without any risk of carrying germs to the face.

  3. You can get 6 times more results out of your skincare products.

  4. You can get 75% Faster Results as compared to the hands-alone massage method.

  5. It tightens and lifts sagging skin.

  6. It tones facial muscles and boosts blood circulation with it's 9,000 per minute vibrations.

The Top 1% already upgraded their skincare regimen to suit the ever-changing environment of our planet. Now it's your time!

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