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Double Chin - Why Do These Develop and How to Get Rid of It

Double Chin - Why Do These Develop and How to Get Rid of It

You are all set to go out with a perfect suit, branded shoes, and a classy bag. What is making you uncomfortable then? Ooh! It's the amount of extra fat around your jaw that may cause a bad impression of your personality. This fat is called “DOUBLE CHIN” which is often referred to as a sign of weight gain or growing age. Thought it's all ok to have a few extra pounds. However,  a large number of people see it as a sign of discomfort. 


Besides being overweight or obesity. Here are few more reasons that may lead you with that flabby chin. 

Why Does Double Chin Develop?

Age: with every passing year of life skin starts getting full of wrinkles which may create a double chin.

Genetics: this problem can be inherited in genes of a person which causes less elasticity in skin tissues.

Weight gain: getting extra weight may lead to fat accumulation around face leaving skin less elastic.

Aging: when it comes to aging, some essential elements of youthful skin like moisture, strong metabolism, and proper diet, tend to fall down that causes the development of double chin.

Besides these basic elements, our lifestyle can be a big reason for this. Be it our office jobs, eating habits or whatever? Most people spend their whole day in front of a computer, making same sitting posture that helps the double chin to come up.

There is a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In spite of this everyone spends money and time on various methods to look good. You also must be trying to get rid of this double chin. Below are some techniques in this regard.

Exercises to Reduce and Ger Rid of Double Chin

Straight Jaw

In this exercise, you will have to stretch your jaw by pulling your head back and move your lower jaw up word to the point that you feel a stretch under the neck. Repeat this 6 to 7 times a day.

Kiss the Sky

As its name suggests, keep your head up towards the sky and blow a kiss. Stay in this posture for a few seconds. Come to the natural position when you feel a stretch in your neck.

Ball Exercise

Place a tennis ball under your chin and try to press it with your chin. repeat this exercise 5-10 times daily.

Things Not to Eat:

If the reason for your double chin is weight gaining and causing fat accumulation over the whole body. First of all, you will have to stop eating junk food and meal filled with oil, cholesterol, and sugar. Divide your food into small portions to prevent overeating.

Add This in Your Diet:

Start eating fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. Prefer those vegetables which have a rich amount of water in it. Drink more water and include nuts in your diet.


Kybella Used to Be Another Treatment

Not that long ago. People have been going through Kybella Treatment. However, the incisions, pain and the after-effects involved within soon helped beauty zealots to realize they need to see something better. Better that should have no incision or pain involved. 

iON Sensing Technology Introduced By VIJUVE

And if you would like to get it right the very first time and proactively work to stop double chin from forming, or firm up that double chin if already formed, Try getting rid of it with the newly introduced yet breakthrough iON Sensing Technology By VIJUVE via this revolutionary Anti-Aging Device. 

Producing equal 9,000 vibrations per minute it ensures that your facial and neck muscles get all the necessary massage it requires to regain the lost collagen.

This regained and maintained skin collagen will actually plump up your skin thus make it look more affirm and youthful.


Get Results With Exclusive VIJUVE Facial & Neck Massager

For those who demand only the best of what life has to offer. The exclusive VIJUVE Facial & Neck Device is for you. It is not just another Massager made of ordinary plastic.

Made with Anti-Microbial metal and low-toxicity plastic, VIJUVE Facial & Neck Device is the ultimate Face & Neck Massaging tool that boosts skincare products upto 6x and saves 75% time, compared to traditional "Hands-Alone" method.

The cordless and portable VIJUVE Anti Aging Device is for maintaining youthful look and have that natural glow. Without losing your precious time and getting it right the very first time.

The VIJUVE Facial & Neck Device is not for everyone. Infact its high quality and premium results attract only those who wish to announce their uniqueness and aren't afraid to express Love for themselves.

Such Quality comes with unparalleled and the highest calibre of personal service to every VIJUVE Facial Device owner.

With more than 100,000 units being sold over a quarter, we do believe that discrepancies are part of life and at any stage if you think the product isn’t as per your expectations, you can always return us. We offer 30 Days No Question Money Back Guarantee. Discover the secret Now!

VIJUVE Face Massager, Remove Double Chin

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