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Do I Still Need Makeup To Cover My Dark Eye Circles?

Do I Still Need Makeup To Cover My Dark Eye Circles?

Does your skin feel buried under layers of makeup? Do you feel that your skin is not breathing due to the heavy seams of concealing foundations you struggle with to cover your dark eye circles? This is your chance to stop and say no to makeup products that you have been trying to cover your skin with. It’s time to go Natural! But going natural doesn’t mean you have to leave your breakouts and dark eye circles showing.

With the advancement of science and the introduction of newer and finer products in the market which promise you results and show improvements in skin imperfections, here are a few which will let you go makeup free every day answering your query; can I ever do without makeup? Yes and definitely, you can!

The organic stash

While the causes of dark circles seem to be common due to genetics or increasing levels of stress, many home remedies, and organic products can work just fine to eliminate these with zero side effects.

Cold tea bags

If you are wondering how in the world can tea bags make a difference? They can make a huge difference in reducing puffy eyes and reducing fluid retention making the skin around your eyes look glowing and healthy. These teabags are easily available at home kitchens. All you have to do is soak two tea bags, refrigerate them and put them on your dark eye circles. Leave for about 15 minutes rinse with cold water, repeat this regime thrice a day for effective result.


Potatoes are known to contain natural bleaching properties which lighten the areas where it is applied to; in addition to this they are effective in reducing eye puffiness and wrinkles. Grate some potatoes slices and squeeze out the juice. Soak this juice in cotton pads and apply on dark circles for 20 minutes every day. The results are evident within a couple of weeks.


Skin Regimes

Use an under eye cream every night!

Always pick an eye under eye cream which contains essential oils, like jojoba oil or sunflower seed oils. These are barrier repairing oils which have a high content of linoleic acid to oleic acid which means they have better healing and repair properties for the sensitive under eye skin. Other than this, make sure your pick for under eye creams contain Vitamin C which helps in skin radiance and greatly reduces dark circles and puffy eyes due to their anti inflammatory and radiance aspects.


Did you know dark eye circles appear mostly due to dry skin? If you didn’t and got to know right now then you must include moisturizing serums in your skin regime. Picking serums are rather tricky as you have to look for organic ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acids in them which are helpful in plumping up wrinkles and fine lines.  

An amazing skin serum specifically for this purpose is the VIJUVE 45% Vitamin C Serum which is lightweight to wear all day and has all the Vitamin C your under eye circles need to rejuvenate the skin and make it look healthier. Vijuve serums are proven to eliminate dark circles, puffiness and tired looking sunken eyes. These serums brighten the darker under eye areas and nourish the skin.

External remedies

Do you think you have been careless when it comes to under eye care? Mostly you will evaluate yourself at the negative end. We hardly ever massage the areas under eyes, as a consequence, with time, neglecting of this area leads to it becoming dark due to lack of blood circulation. VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager is effective in reducing wrinkles as well as improving under eye circle blood supply which results in healthier radiant skin. It also reduces puffy eyes and rejuvenates new skin cells for a fresher looking appearance every day.

VIJUVE Face Massager, Anti Aging Face Massager By VIJUVE

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