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A Journey To Wrinkle Free Skin, How To Do It All By Yourself

Your skin is your first against pollution, bad eating habits, and even infectious skin diseases. It is very important to keep your skin healthy but did you know even if you take extensive care of your skin, the first signs of aging can show as early as 25 years of age. This means your first wrinkle can appear. None of us want a dry, dull, wrinkled and fine lines looking skin. However, most of us have monotonous work routines which keep us on our toes all day! So how to have a wrinkle-free skin and that too all by yourself?

Wrinkle-Free Skin At Home

It is not that difficult as you think, we all think getting a flawless wrinkle-free skin can only happen when you take appointments and take treatments at a parlor. You can get a beautiful and wrinkle-free skin at the comfort of your very own house!



These organic masks and ingredients are really helpful for a wrinkle free skin

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is very effective in eliminating fine lines anmd wrinkles on your skin. It also makes your skin more soft and radiant. Just massage a few drops of olive oil in circular patterns on your skin right before bedtime. They prevent wrinkles from showing early.

Aloe Vera Gel

No one can deny the goodness of aloe vera when it comes to its benefits for the skin. Aloe vera gel is a multipurpose gel which is a solution not only to wrinkles but uneven skin tones and dull skin as well. Malic acid present in this gel helps naturally firm up your skin so wrinkles and fine lines disappear. Its really easy to use, just add a vitamin E capsule to the Gel and apply it as a mask for 15 minutes. Wash off, you can do this twice a week for excellent results.

Egg white

An egg white mask is really one organic miracle ingredient which will pull up that sagging skin prevents skin wrinkling and smoothes out the skin creases. All you need to do is whip some egg white in a bowl and apply it on your skin using a brush or simply your finger, let it dry. Once your skin starts feeling taught, wash it off with water.


Do you know why wrinkles even appear? Its because you aren’t hydrating your skin well since the skin isn’t supple enough due to lack of adequate water it starts wrinkling and you see it on your skin as the body fulfills its requirement for water by dehydrating your skin. This is why it is really essential to drink ample amount of water. 7 glasses of water a day is a must for a journey to a wrinkle-free skin!

Try out a great serum and facial massager!

Skin serums

Good skin serums are hard to fund, this is why we have selected the best as a recommendation for you! Vijuve 45% Vitamin C and E enriched serum which is proven to prevent your skin from losing its radiance or glow. Vijuve serums enhance your natural complexion and help your skin aging process slow down. The right amounts of Double Hyaluronic acid help in keeping dryness away all through the day without making your skin feel oily.

A Facial Massager Works Like A Miracle

Vijuve Anti Aging Face Massager for Wrinkles Appearance Removal and Facial Skin Tightening is another tool which will keep your skin radiant uplifted and glowing, so the appearance of your wrinkles can be drastically delayed. If you include this massager in your skin routine, I can promise you, the aging signs will appear way later in your life! Plus you must know that massaging really helps in draining impurities from the skin keeping it fresh.


A journey to a wrinkle-free skin and that to at home and on your own is very much possible with these organic ingredients and just these two trusted beauty products. Don’t think twice, include these in your skin regime and see how it works to prevent skin wrinkling and other signs of aging!

VIJUVE Massager and Serum

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