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5 Reasons Your Skin May Lose Its Elasticity

5 Reasons Your Skin May Lose Its Elasticity

Our skin is a delicate organ that requires care continuously since a variety of factors including weather, UV rays, aging as well as dietary habits positively or negatively affect our skin. At times, these factors can be ruining to our skin such as direct exposure to sun rays can cause sunburn. Similarly, dry weather can draw out the moisture from our skin thus making it prone to acne.

Indeed, our skin starts losing its elasticity. Going further, we don’t mind saying that there are a couple of reasons that come in between. Let’s take a look at 5 common reasons that may lead us to lost skin’s collagen.

Flowing Waves of Time Are The Major Ones 

As we age, our skin starts becoming rougher and slacker mainly due to the retarded production of elastic tissues. Aging also reasons thinning of the layers of our skin, hence, making it prone to environmental attacks.

 Excessive Sun Exposure Without Protection (Don't Do So)

The direct exposure to the sun destroys the elastin fibers present in your skin. In consequence of this destruction, your skin becomes saggy as well as becomes easily bruised. However, this type of damage may be inapparent at a younger age, but will surely appear in later life. You can shield your skin from the sun by keeping it covered when going outside and by wearing a good quality sunblock.  

 Exercise is Good But Don't Let Body Dehydrate Too Much

Needless to say, water is of utmost significance for the proper functioning of the internal process and for maintaining your skin’s elasticity. Inadequate consumption of water causes your skin to lose its suppleness and elasticity. This is because our skin comes under the influence of a lack of water in the body earlier than the vital organs. Thus, the connective tissues of skin i.e., collagen couldn’t get adequate water and wrinkling of skin starts happening.    

Hygienic Foods Prove Best Guard Against Skin Deteriorating Factors

Sometimes, your skin starts looking saggy even in adulthood that can be quite surprising and unwelcoming to many people. So, if you wonder why this happening to you even at a younger age? Look into your diet. You may be missing some essential nutrients required to keep your skin firm and maintain its elasticity. For instance, a diet deficient in Vitamin D can cause wrinkled and saggy skin. Vitamin D is naturally obtainable from fish, seeds and some nuts. Apart from this, its also available in capsules to be consumed as a supplement.      

 Smoking is Injurious to Health And Skin Too

It can accelerate the process of aging of your skin, thus, resulting in wrinkles. Within a period of ten years of smoking, its effects start appearing on your skin. Actually, the prolonged duration of smoking and the number of cigarettes contribute to the formation of wrinkles on your skin. Not only your facial area but the skin of other body parts also come under the influence of smoking.   

Long Story Short Is 

If your skin is also losing its elasticity due to any of the above-mentioned factors need not worry about. You can restore the elasticity of your skin by doing regular facial massage. It can dramatically boost your skin’s elasticity if done regularly with a good quality serum.

VIJUVE is concerned about your skin that’s why formulated a specialized serum along with an anti-aging face massager for your skin. Our 45% Vitamin C serum with Double Hyaluronic acid is amazing to revitalize your damaged skin. In addition to this, our anti-aging face massager is specifically designed to disappear wrinkles and signs of again from your face. As a whole, it’s a perfect combo that can restore the youthfulness of your skin when used regularly and properly. 

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