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Sagging Isn’t All Due To Eating Habits But More Than That

Sagging Isn’t All Due To Eating Habits But More Than That

Our skin is helpless to such huge numbers of diseases, illness, and changes, and sagging skin is only one among numerous such changes – a change that many people will understand amid their lives. Sagging skin isn't the consequence of only one reason, nonetheless. There are a few factors that add to the hanging of skin that was once smooth, firm and supple.

It is often said that disturbed and unhealthy eating habits always take a toll on your skin. Wrong eating habits can affect your skin but to some extent. We can not only blame our eating disorders for the skin to sag but there are many other causes that can lead our skin to sag and hang over time. Let’s discuss some of the factors causing sagging skin other than wrong eating habits;

Maturity And Aging

Obviously, the most widely recognized reason for sagging skin is basically maturing. As you age, your skin starts to lose its common elasticity and collagen. Healthy collagen advancement is one of the essential supporters of smooth, young skin, so as this process backs off with age, connective tissue gets weak and more fragile and skin looks progressively worn out.

Sun Exposure

Another major reason for sagging skin is exposed to the sun. The individuals who spend most of the time in the sun, regardless of whether its sunbathing, working outside, or doing a number of recreational activities outside under the sun, are exposing their skin cells to ultraviolet rays which, after some time, will separate elastic and collagen while additionally causing wrinkles, dark-colored spots and many skin diseases. A lot of sun exposure can cause the skin to sag after the passage of time.


Smoking, that everybody knows is a harmful addiction for your body. However, very few people realize that it can influence the skin's wellbeing as well! Nicotine in cigarettes debilitates blood flow to the skin which irritates solid cell working and causes untimely drooping of the skin. The habit likewise exhausts muscles around the mouth, further leaving the skin harmed.


Dehydration is yet another cause of sagging skin, drinking plenty of water does wonder to your skin and whole body. The individuals who don't drink a lot of water once a day making it harder for their skin to recover back again from damage or keep on building new collagen rapidly enough.

Wrong Skin Care Routine

When you use the wrong, cheap or unsuitable skin products on our skin, it can worsen the situation rather benefiting it.  It is better to know your skin needs. However, if you are confused about your skin you can always consult a dermatologist and ask him for a good skin care regime.

Long Story Short Is

There are many other causes of sagging skin as well. It is said that prevention is better than cure, so, one must take care of their skin by having a healthy diet, skin care routine and lifestyle to prevent premature aging. That is why we recommend using the VIJUVE face massager. It not only prevents your skin from sagging but helps to cure many other skin related problems.

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