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Sagging Facial Skin Due To Weight Loss

Sagging Facial Skin Due To Weight Loss

While you are starving and sweating yourself to lose a pound every two days to lose fat in a few weeks, are you really noticing what your skin is going through? In the process of speedy weight loss, the byproduct comes out to be sagging skin not only on your face and neck but on your entire body. But, don’t be so worried and exasperated; while skin sagging comes on rapidly, there are many remedies and helpful treatments to fix this problem.

 Why Is Skin Sagging?

Skin Sagging widely depends on your age, diet, and of course the kind of exercises you are engaged into. The sagging process is meant to get triggered once you start gaining weight; the skin dispositions from its tautness and is stretched to its elastic limits. Once you decide on losing fat, the skin starts coming back to its original position but by then it has lost its ability of elasticity as the collagen fibers become greatly reduced due to aging. Other factors like the kind of weight loss diet and genetic factors also play a wide role in determining the degree of skin sagging.

Losing Weight At A Reasonable Pace

 How quickly you lose weight is directly related to skin sagging. If you are losing about 1-2 pounds a week that’s normal as it indicates a steady nearly permanent weight losing technique but if it’s a pound a day, it is very vigorous and results in a loss from muscle tissue. Muscle tissue loss means a loss in elastin and collagen from the skin which will result in a droopy, hanging skin.

Start skin tightening exercises, cardio, and weight training are two entities you should be focusing on when exercising for weight loss. These two result in toned and lean results. What cardio basically does is burning the fats and weight training works on building lean muscle mass. These two are effective in firming the skin and forming muscle shape.

 Irregular Diet Is Another Culprit

Don’t ever starve yourself in the name of dieting. Again the body will extract its energy from some resource in the body and in this case, it will be a loss in proteins from the muscles. Proteins collagen and elastin play a vital role in skin elasticity, but if these are not sufficient in the skin it will result in sagginess. Start a diet which cuts on sugars and fats and has more proteins in it.

 Make sure that you are getting enough Vitamin C in your foods which are important for collagen production. Vegetables like red and green peppers, oranges and lemons are rich sources of vitamin C.

 Put a stop to those candies and sugary treats because these are in fact bad not only for your teeth but the skin also. Sugar and fats damage the skin in a way promoting sagging and unhealthy skin.

 Necessary Intake of Water

 Water has multiple advantages, from keeping the turgor in the skin which helps in firmness to weight loss itself. Taking a glass of water before your meal gives a feeling of fullness and thus you automatically cut down on eating extra which could make you gain a few pounds.

 The Question is - How Do I Get Rid Of Sagging Facial Skin That's Due to Excessive Weight Loss

A professional massager knows just the right strokes to apply. Massaging the skin in an upward motion on a daily basis works like facial exercises and can help enhance its flexibility. VIJUVE Facial Massager and VIJUVE Face Serum is perfect choice to pick from if you want remedies to get a firm grip on that sagging skin. These keep your skin hydrated and fresh so that it shows up radiant every day. The serums are enriched with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid which works to strengthen the skin structure is totally organic and prevents wrinkles too. 



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