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Question: Why Do I Have Face Wrinkles and 3 Reasons of It

Question: Why Do I Have Face Wrinkles and 3 Reasons of It

There are two w’s that are brought by age as you grow older into it, wisdom and wrinkles. Most of the people out there are okay with the first W but the second W can prove to be a nightmare for most of us.

The inevitable thing about growing older is that it is bound to happen, you cannot put a stop on it it and as far as the wrinkles are concerned, as you grow old, your skin loses its elasticity, which is why the latter is bound to happen. But this isn’t just that, have you seen anyone as young as 21 but still suffering through wrinkled skin? If so, have you realized that age isn’t the only thing that plays its part in getting you older look? There are certain habits that you have opted for and it is making you look older earlier then you expected.

Today, we have compiled a list of reasons and your everyday habits that may be giving you a wrinkled skin and why you must get rid of them as soon as possible.

  1. Sleeping on the face

Do you have a habit of snuggling your face into your pillow? If you do, you must stop doing it as soon as you read this article. You are snuggling your face into the pillow and it causes creases on your facial skin which, if you snuggle consistently, become permanent. You should start sleeping on your back and give your face that it most likely deserves.

  1. Constantly chewing gum is making you look old

Most of the youngsters out there want something in their mouth throughout the time when they are going through boredom. But that gum chewing is causing your face to make different movement every second indirectly causing it to change shapes. If you happen to be someone who chews frequently, your jawline and facial muscles will develop creases permanently. Once developed, these lines are impossible to remove and will eventually lead your face to have ingrown wrinkles.

Sunscreen is an option for you instead of necessity

Those who don’t apply sunscreen on regular basis are technically playing with fire when it comes to their skin. Use sunscreen regularly, without having to compromise it for anything in the world. UV rays are the first thing that destroys your skin cells on a more permanent basis. Your skin starts to lose its spark and shine, becomes all saggy and lose over time. Don’t compromise on your skin and use sunscreen in your daily routine. Protect your skin from the harmful sun is here to cause it.

So, these were a few reasons we had to discuss with you when it came to your skin and getting wrinkles sooner than your expectations. Avoid them the best you can, and your skin will continue to glow. There are certain sunscreens and face massagers available in the market that you can opt for and make your skin glow and look fresh.

That’s all on your question about why do I have wrinkles. In case, you want to keep reading such useful hacks for maintaining youthful skin, stay tuned to VIJUVE’s Official Blog


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