Pro-Oxidant Properties – All You Need to Know About Your Skincare Routine

Maintaining healthy and fresh skin is what everyone strives. From teenager to early 50s and even 60s to 70s, no one on earth would like to splash that tiresome look on their face. And interestingly to get a hold on that plumped, rejuvenated and baby skin, we would do every single bit to make it more and better.
And we won’t mind saying that when it gets to maintained skin then Face Serum is such an integral part that’s making its place to every make-up cabinet.

We do know that you love your serum and you’ve been using it consistently. But let’s be honest and ask yourself a few questions:-

  • Does Your Skin Feel Itchy After Application?
  • Is Your Serum Causing You Some Kind of Irritation?
  • Is it Leave Residue?
  • Any Kind of White Thick Films?
  • Is Your Serum Dehydrating Your Skin?
  • Do You Have to Apply Moisturizer Stand Alone?

And if you are shaking your head upside down to all these questions, there’s a serious question mark.

Uhhhh! Getting impatient to know what’s the question mark? Well, the point is, PRO-Oxidant Properties of Your Serum are doing more harm than good to you.

Pro-Oxidant? What’s That? I Have Never Read it On Label!

How would you? That’s because nobody tells what that is or how this can impact you. But we’ve got the courage and we are going to tell you.

What if we tell you even the highest concentrated Vitamin C Serum if Not Having Right Ingredients Can Be Pro-oxidant

Hang on! We said that Vitamin C with not right ingredients. So what are the right ingredients then? We will surely cover those right ingredients as well. But for now, let’s tell you that if your serum is giving you

Itchy skin after application, leaving a white residue, dehydrating your skin or even bestowing you swollen eye, you should seriously think about changing your serum and that of without all ifs and thens.

Changing Serum But Which One to Choose?

As we said that even Vitamin C Serums can turn to pro-oxidant rather than antioxidant until right ingredients aren't added. So all you need is to have Vitamin C Serum that has true ingredients mix match such as VIJUVE Skin Rejuvenator so as to get you flawless skin. 

VIJUVE Serum, Vitamin C Serum


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