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Is Exfoliation The Only Measure For Dry Skin?

Is Exfoliation The Only Measure For Dry Skin?

Oily or normal skin types can be washed several times to get rid of the dirt and impurities, but what about dry skin? The more you wash your dry skin, the dryer and flakier it becomes. If you have dry skin, you definitely would know how itchy and dry it can get resulting in other related skin problems such as red blotches, rashes and even eczema.

You must have heard a lot of people saying “exfoliate and exfoliate”, and you must have believed that this is maybe the only solution to the condition, but wait, that’s not true. According to research the more hydrated and moisturized you keep your skin, the more it will stay supple and smooth so you can eliminate a lot of dryness effects by keeping it moisturized. Need more tips? Keep reading.

Tips To Keep Your Dry Skin Under Control


Increase the amount of fluids you take, this maintains the ion balance in your blood keeping the skin hydrated as well so skin become dry less often and in fact seems smoother and glossier too.


Use essential oils like coconut oil or almond oil to massage the skin. Other oils such as Argan oil and tea tree oil are also used with carrier oils. But if you are wondering why massaging is important for dry skin, it is very important indeed. Dry skin is prone to sagging, fine lines and wrinkles so massaging at an early age can benefit it keeping the skin firm and tighter for a longer period of time.

VIJUVE Anti Aging Face Massager for Wrinkles Appearance Removal and Facial Skin Tightening is the perfect accessory to help good blood circulation on your face and neck. Also, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles to a great extent so you look younger and beautiful.

Moisturize With Face Creams And Serums

You can remove all the dead layers of your skin by exfoliating it with scrubs and cleansers, but exfoliation you are also exfoliating away the moisture. Our skin produces sebum which is actually a mix of oil and water, when the skin doesn’t produce enough sebum; the skin becomes dry and flaky. Moisture gets stripped off our skin when we use too hot or cold water to wash it. Good moisturizers retain the skin’s moisture making it look firm and radiant. Nowadays serums have greatly replaced moisturizers. These lock the moisture in the skin preventing it from getting dry. The plus point is it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and you can wear it all day long.

VIJUVE 45% Vitamin C Serum has all the Vitamin C, E and the right Hyaluronic acid content your skin needs to look radiant and glowing throughout the day cutting down on your daily exposure to skin impurities caused by pollution exposure. Hyaluronic acid is very helpful for acne which is another problem caused by dry skin. Vitamin C keeps the skin looking bright and takes the dull dry skin away where as Vitamin E works to repair and rejuvenate the skin.

Improve Your Diet

You are what you eat! Take adequate supply of fruits and vegetables. Include Avocados, Bananas and Apricot which are good fruits for your skin. Other than if you smoke, it causes long term damage to the skin further aggravating dryness and dullness. You should avoid these habits for the sake of a healthier skin and body!

Final Word

The most important tip would be to moisturize the dry skin which is even more important that exfoliating, you also need to cleanse tone and balance the pH level of the face. Other massagers will only remove impurities but will not add anything else. Whereas VIJUVE will maintain the pH balance of your skin as well!

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