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How Over Exfoliation Of Skin Can Lead To Drastic Results.

How Over Exfoliation Of Skin Can Lead To Drastic Results.

Change is the major rule of life. In today’s world nothing is constantly permanent. Everything has undergone the process of change as it is the vital part of today and without change life gets bored. If we talk about fashion and beauty industry, it also changes from day to day. Ladies are not used to at the old and primitive fashion techniques. They feel reluctant to adopt the old methods and feel ease to go with the modern and changing demands.  As soon as we accept any new methods and we are about to memorize it for further use, it gets changed. The main aim of focusing on change is that we are going to fix it as our purpose to be flexible to fit with the changing beauty industry.

What Is Exfoliation Actually

If we look towards literal sense, exfoliation is a process in which we wash part of our body, aiming at removing dead cells of our skin and giving our skin a shiny and refreshing texture. For this purpose, we buy thousands of face products and apply these on our skin. Because we know they are necessary for our skin and especially for skin health. We love the best results these products left on our skin. And we enjoy it almost every week at a huge cost. The problem here is not cost but carefully selecting, what to apply and don’t let your skin damage due to mere carelessness or wrong product. So, it is better to have a deep study about skin health and then choosing some for yourself. Beware! Change is necessary. Never confine yourself to only one product. Whenever you learn a change, then replace your product.

Bad Effects of Over Exfoliation.

Doing exfoliation by using scrub is very dangerous. It can easily damage your skin. It has major side effects. It results in giving cuts to your skin with which wrinkles could be easily seen on your face. Moreover due to these bad cuts, you may look older of your age. Ofcourse, nobody wants to go through this situation. A good solution to this problem is doing chemical exfoliation. It seems scary but it the safest method of exfoliation. Doing it, the dead cells of the skin can be broken fast as acids play role in breaking the bonds of those cells. By doing chemical exfoliation a person’s skin could be saved from the damage and bright, smooth skin awaits.

The Question That Comes Within Is. What’s The Best Way to Cope up the Situation?

Here’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? Let’s shed a light on this question on the basis of logics and a rationale approach.

Say you have applied cream on your face and now you have started rubbing your face gently. Guess what? Around 65% of us will not rub with the fingers but with the palm of the hands and the end result is…. More cream penetrates in palm rather than the epidermis of the face.

Wondering what happens then? When the applied cream goes deep in hand rather than the face, resultantly, major area of the face remains dry. And guess what! When you are doing massage to a dry skin, you are posing the biggest threat your facial skin by yourself.

So what’s the solution then.

Heard about the VIJUVE Face Massager, not yet! Uhhh! Hola! Let’s tell you, the first ever cordless face massager that’s doing a magical things for the beauty zealots in USA. 

Face Massage device that will only and equally rub the part of the skin where cream is applied. And that’s not at all. The hypermetal allergic head of this massager will ensure each and every single molecule of this cream goes deep into your skin to give it the boost that it deserves.

 Isn’t that Amazing? Well it is!


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