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Best Acne Treatment For Adults – How To Determine The Right One

Best Acne Treatment For Adults – How To Determine The Right One

We all have experienced the dooming existence of acne in our teenage years, and while some of us have graduated from it after entering adulthood, a lot of people still suffer from these nuisances.

Why Though?

You might be asking as to why acne is latching onto you despite your age, and the answer is pretty simple. Clogged pores. Basically, when you get sticky, or you get dirty, bacteria and all sorts of particles start blocking your pores, which can cause inflammation and irritation, creating the red bumps that you see on your skin. Not all acne can be attributed to hygiene or environment however, since hormonal changes can cause the glands beneath the skin to release more oil, and hence more subsequent acne, which is also why women have to deal with a lot more acne than men, yikes.

For starters, we need to bust some myths. Although eating too much pizza or greasy food is unhealthy, it does not give you acne. Chocolate does not give you acne, or at least it hasn’t been proven scientifically. Sweating also has nothing to do with acne since sweat glands are separate glands in the skin. With this we have busted all myths so you can continue eating your pizzas.

There are things that do increase your chances of getting acne. Things that can put pressure on your skin like a helmet or a chin strap or a collar can enrage acne. One other thing that can cause major breakouts is cosmetics. Most cosmetic products clog pores easily so moderation is key. Lastly, some drugs although rare can also cause breakouts, most of which could be attributed to steroids.

What Are My Options?

Acne usually sorts itself out most times and there’s only so much we can do to prevent it. Still we can do some things to ameliorate this dreadful phenomenon.

STOP picking at your pimples. Although the scars do fade after a couple of months, they can cause more redness and bumps than before. The human hands are not delicate enough to apply moisturizers on a sensitive skin, and you end up doing more harm than good. In fact hands tend to rough up your skin more than before while putting on skin care products. Little did I know, there are products out there that can do the moisturizing for you. The VIJUVE face massager is an excellent example here, it basically uses a more subtle vibration mechanic to press the lotion more deeply into the skin without damaging it externally.

Anestheticians can also help you expertly remove blackheads and other nuisances more skillfully, however, they can be costly and should be considered after exhausting other options.

While no product can completely guarantee removal of acne, a lot of them do come close. Cleansers and serums are the more superior choice when it comes to handling skin problems, applying these cleansers, masks, or serums twice a day is the usual way to go and it seems to work well enough. VIJUVE also has a neat serum that basically helps smoothed out blemishes as well, so you can use that if you need to go out without looking like you went through hell. There are also antibacterial cleansers and creams that can kill bacteria dwelling on the surface of the skin, these products are very strong though so light usage is recommended.

There is one last option, you could get clinical help. Now this is only recommended for the more extreme cases, and most cases don’t need clinical help, but if you still feel like there are no other options you can go ahead with this but there might be some unintended side effects.

Obviously, the best method to getting rid of acne is using the rather inexpensive skincare products, since it’s rather low-risk. This does depend on different cases though, as with everything more extreme cases would require better expertise that can only be availed through clinical help. Again, I cannot stress this enough, exhaust all options before going clinical.

Is it worth it?

Acne is something one can’t entirely prevent, and these things do sort themselves out eventually. You cannot always control your lifestyle, so stressing out over a few blemishes is hardly worth the worry. Acne begone!


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